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Presentations from the Food Security and Environmental Change Conference, Oxford, 2-4 April 2008

Below are most of the presentations from the Food Security Conference.  Please click on the links to be taken to the power point slides (in pdf format) for the given presentation.


Wednesday 2 April 2008

Chair: Diana Liverman, UK

Plenary 1

Global Environmental Change and Food Systems: Introduction and Challenges

Diana Liverman, UK

Plenary 2

Linking science, development and policy communities to address GEC/food security issues

Bob Watson, UK

Plenary 3

Global environmental change and food system interaction. Perspectives from the natural sciences

Mark Howden, Australia

Plenary 4

Addressing Dynamic in Agri-Food Systems: An Agenda for Social Science Research

John Thompson, UK

Session 1

Case studies of food system vulnerability to global environmental change in the context of multiple stressors.

Convenor: Alison Misselhorn

Multiple stresses and vulnerability to food systems in Africa: A case study from Sudan

BME Osman-Elasha et al, University of AlAzhari, Sudan

Global environmental changes and food security in a food surplus region of IGP: Determinants, vulnerability and adaption strategies

RS Sidhu, K. Vatta et al, Agricultural University, India

Assessing effectiveness of food security interventions to multiple stresses in Zimbabwe

S Gandure, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

S Drimie, International Food Policy Research Institute, USA

Surface Water, arctic peoples and food system vulnerabilities in a changing climate

PA Loring et al University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

Session 2

Environmental change and  the meanings of food.

Convenor: Susanne Freidberg

Cultural values of hidden harvests in traditional foods and livelihood security of adi community: Empirical learning from Eastern Himalaya

RK Singh, Central Agricultural University, India

The ancillary herder and the half-hearted farmer: Transformations of subsistence and identity in Central Mali

TA Crane, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Exploring food system 'alternatives': Examining producer and consumers motivations and practices towards sustainable food systems

EA Dowler et al, University of Warwick, UK

Resilience and revitalisation of a native American food system - traditional food security

DV Fazzino, University of Florida, USA

Session 3

Improving climate forecasting for food security research.

Convenor: Molly Brown

Climate Information, index insurance and climate risk management

D Osgood, Columbia University IRI, USA

Bridging the climate change adaptation and climate-sensitive development challenges in rural Africa

JW Hansen, Columbia University, USA

Integrating seasonal forecasts into food security outlook analyses

J Verdin et al, US Geological Survey, USA

Developing adaptation options using climate and crop yield forecasting at seasonal to multi-decadal timescales

AJ Challinor, University of Leeds, UK

Session 4

Responses of food system activists to climate change.

Convenor: Molly Anderson

Panel discussion with:

Session 5

Developing adaptation options and building adaptive capacity for food systems.

Convenor: Polly Erickson

Adaptive water management in Brazil and Chile

A León et al, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Integrating social vulnerability into water management and food security initiatives in the Lesotho Highlands: the case of Ha Tsiu

S Bharwani et al, Stockholm Environmental Institute, UK

Adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia and South Africa: Options, constraints and influences

E Bryan et al, IFPRI, USA

IUPA: Proposal of an index for the evaluation of usefulness of practices for adaptation to climate change and variability

PP Aldunce, University of Chile, Chile

The emergence of unexpected opportunities for adaptation in developing country agricultural systems: Benefiting from the repercussions of climate change

JD Unruh, McGill University, Canada

Session 6

Poster papers on Water and Food Security in the Future.

Convenor: John Rockstrom and Thomas Downing

Food security, urbanisation and poverty in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

RE Ekpenyong, University of Uyo, Nigeria

Quantifying the potential to increase global rain-fed water productivity

S Rost, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

Integrated land and water resources management for food security and environmental sustainability in China

J Mu, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Framing water scarcity: Reconciling water demand for food security

VS Saravanan, Centre for Development Research, Germany

Water demand and water transfer from agriculture to different sectors and consequences of food security in lower Bhavani Basin

A Malaisamy, Tamilnadu Agricultural University, India

Session 7

Trade and market reform for food system adaptation.

Convenor: David Schweikhardt

World trade as the adjustment mechanism of agriculture to climate change

R Julia et al, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Agricultural policy reform trajectories in the EU and the US: An ecological public health assessment

D Barling et al, City University, UK

Managing crop diversity in agricultural seed markets to enhance food system adaptation and food security

L Lipper, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, Italy

Session 8

Managing the embodied greenhouse gas emissions in food.

Convenor: Tara Garnett

Livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions: Impacts and options for policy makers

T Garnett, University of Surrey, UK

Greenhouse gas emissions related to food consumption and possible reduction options

S Nonhebel et al, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Lifecycle carbon emissions from food systems: Where are the hotspots and how much do they depend on management?

TB Sulser et al, International Food Policy Research Institute, USA


Thursday 3 April 2008

Chair: Peter Gregory, UK

Plenary 5

Adding regional and local dimensions of global environmental change into food system research

Rik Leemans, The Netherlands

Plenary panel 6

Regional case studies of GEC and Food Systems research

Introduction: M Brklacich, Canada,

GECAFS regional case studies: Indo-Gangetic Plain, R Sidhu, India; Caribbean, S Hutchinson, Trinidad & Tobago; Southern Africa, P Dube, Botswana

Plenary panel 7

Regional policy processes regarding GEC and food security

Representatives from NEPAD, R Mkandawire; CARICOM, D McRae Smith; Indo-Gangetic Plain, A Ahmed; EU, HJ Lutzeyer.

Session 9

Managing cross-scale interactions within food systems.

Convenor: Evan Fraser

Structural barriers to adaptation of food systems

PJ Erickson et al, University of Oxford, UK

Understanding heterogeneity in households' adaptation to risks that stress food systems

BDK Dovie, University of Ghana, Ghana

Cross-spatial and inter-temporal linkages in coffee livelihoods and landscapes

H Eakin et al, University of California, USA

Assessing impacts and adaptation of European agriculture to changes in climate and market conditions

P Reidsma et al, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Session 10

Governance of food systems.

Convenor: Frank Biermann

Hunger in the lean season: Political and cultural implications of food insecurity in northern Ghana

K Decker, Hamburg University, Germany

The re-governance of food supply for the UK:  Policy routes to integrating sustainability with national food security

D Barling et al, City University, UK

Food systems revisited: Their evolution and sustainability implications from an interdisciplinary perspective

MMR Brandao, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, UK

Session 11

Regional scenarios of food systems and environmental change.

Convenor: Monika Zurek

Linking scenarios across geographical scales: Joining process and linking elements

M Zurek et al, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO), Italy

Scenario-based integrated assessment of land-use changes in the Middle East

J Koch, R Schaldach, University of Kassel, Germany

Impact assessment of climate change for paddy rice productivity in Asia considering uncertainties in climate modelling and emission scenarios

Y Masutomi et al, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Croppers to livestock keepers: Livelihood transitions to 2048 in Africa due to climate change

PG Jones et al, Waen Associates, UK

Maize productivity and water demands in a changing climate: Links between adaptation decisions and future irrigation needs

Meza et al, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

Session 12

Biofuels and food security.

Convenor: Steve Wiggins, UK

Biofuel production in developing countries: How agriculture can meet the food and energy needs of the poor

M Ewing, M Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute, USA

Food security in Sub-Saharan Africa and biofuels: A quantitative analysis

P Havlik et al, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Forestry Programme, Austria

Will bioenergy development pose a threat to food security in developing economies?

I Maltsoglou  et al, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, Italy

Biofuels and rising food prices: Mexico's 2007 'Tortilla crisis'

HA G Raño, El Colegio de México, Mexico

A Keleman, International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Mexico

Session 13

Resilience of food systems

Convenor: Craig Miller

Anticipating vulnerability in food systems to global environmental change: The challenge of dynamic systems

E Fraser et al, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

Network analysis to assess the productivity and resilience of complex agro-ecosystems

P Reidsma et al, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Building community and household resilience to food insecurity: A survey of the upper east region of Ghana

W Quaye, Food Research Institute, Ghana

Towards the measurement of household resilience to food insecurity: An application to Palestinian households

L Alinovie et al, UN, Italy

An analysis of factors leading to resilience of indigenous food system  [POSTER]

L Eloy, CIRAD, France
E Katz , Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Brazil

Assessing impacts and adaptation of European agriculture to changes in climate and market conditions  [POSTER]

F Ewert, Plant Production Systems, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
P Reidsma, Plant Production Systems, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
T Hermans, Alterra, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Session 14

Tradeoffs between ecosystem services, food security and economic growth

Convenor: Keith Wiebe

Simulation of intertwined relations between water stress, crop productivity and ecosystem degradation in Northern China

T Nakayama, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Vulnerability of exporting nations to the development of a carbon lael in the UK

G Edwards-Jones et al, Bangor University, UK

Trade-offs among ecosystem services and food security in the Lake Victoria Basin

B Swallow et al, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Kenya

Paying farmers for the environment: Trade-off or synergy with agricultural development?  Insights from FAO's State of Food and Agriculture Report 2007

L Lipper et al, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, Italy

Session 15

Workshop on promoting dialogues for linking knowledge and action on food systems and global environmental change.

This session/workshop was withdrawn

Session 16

Workshop on ESF/COST Forward Look on "European Food Systems in a Changing World".

Convenor: Rudy Rabbinge


Session 17

Food industry strategies for global environmental change adaptation and mitigation.

Convenor: Tom McMillan

Panel discussion with:


Public lecture

Chair: Diana Liverman

Introduction: Diana Liverman and Sir Crispin Tickell

Global Change and Rural Communities: Is sustainable development still possible?

Prabhu Pingali, Head of Agriculture Policy and Statistics, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Closing: Diana Liverman


Friday 4 April 2008

Chair: Joao Morais, Sweden

Plenary 8

The role knowledge and governance in building food security: Institutions, challenges, and adaptive development

Maria Carmen Lemos, Brazil

Plenary 9

Policy/Science Interface: Real-world examples pertaining to global environmental change/food systems

Menghestab Haile, World Food Program, Italy

Session 18

Institutional and policy challenges for agro-ecosystem management in relation to food security.

Convenor: Brent Swallow

Degradation and management of groundwater resources in Indian Punjab.  The role of institutional policy

RS Sidhu, K Vatta, Punjab Agricultural University, India

Water and political economy of food in Pakistan within a climate change context

P Amir, Asianics Agro Dev, Pakistan

Food systems and climate change in high mountains - a case study from Ladakh.  (Contact the author directly for more details of this presentation.)

J Dame, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Environmental pollution and food security in Indian cities: Recognising the implications of emerging threats to peri-urban agriculture

FM Marshall et al, University of Sussex, UK

Global interdependencies between population, water, food and environmental policies

C Llull et al, FNU University Hamburg, Germany

The story of phosphorus: when the world runs out of cheap, accessible phosphorus fertilizers in the coming decades, how will we produce enough food? [POSTER]

D Cordell, Institute for sustainable Futures (ISF), Australia

Session 19

Workshop on analysis of international environmental assessments and food security

Convenor: Stanley Wood


Session 20

Workshop on Decision Support for food security

Convenor: Jim Jones

Development and use of a software system to support policy development for a sustainable production of biofuels

M Singh et al, University of Oxford, UK

Development and testing of a scenario based, decision support system for integrating food security and ecosystem management in Jamaica

GA Kiker et al, University of Florida, USA

Methodological issues for modelling food security: Problems, methods and models

D Giraldo et al, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Columbia

Cash, local purchase and/or import food aid?  Recent work on a market analysis and decision tree framework for response analysis

DG Maxwell et al, Tufts University, USA

Integrating simulation models of human decision making and biophysical processes

RB Matthews, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, UK

Session 21

Workshop on managing conflicts related to food security and environmental change

Convenor: Clive Bates

Tracing conflicts related to food security in lower Gangetic Plain

M Choudhury, North Bengal University, India

From nomads to settlers: How droughts, wars and policies have transformed the Jordanian Bedouins. (Contact the author directly for more details of this presentation.)

RA Zurayk, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Chair: Kate Brown, UK

Plenary 10: Food Security and Environmental Change

Louse Fresco, The Netherlands

Plenary 12

Synthesis ideas/main conference points:

4 x 10 min talks by GECAFS Scientific Advisory Committee members: Barbara Huddleston; Mark Rosegrant; Winston Rudder; Luis Vieira.

Closing session: Diana Liverman, UK


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