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Papers from the Food Security and Environmental Change Conference, Oxford, 2-4 April 2008.
Published in the Environmental Science and Policy
Special Edition, 2009, vol. 12[4], pp. 373-542

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Editorial Introduction

Polly J. Ericksen, John S.I. Ingram, Diana M. Liverman

Challenges for Food System Adaptation today and to-morrow

Louise O. Fresco

Addressing the Dynamics of Agri-Food Systems: An Emerging Agenda for Social Science Research

John Thompson, Ian Scoones

Nested Vulnerability: exploring cross-scale linkages and teleconnections in Mexican and Vietnamese coffee systems

Hallie Eakin, Alexandra Winkels, Jan Sendzimir

Adaptation to Climate Change in Ethiopia and South Africa: Options and Constraints

Elizabeth Bryan, Temesgen T. Deressa, Glwadys A. Gbetibouo, Claudia Ringler

Croppers to livestock keepers: livelihood transitions to 2050 in Africa due to climate change

Peter G. Jones, Philip K. Thornton

Typologies of crop-drought vulnerability: An empirical analysis of the ways the socio-economic factors that influence the sensitivity and resilience to drought of three major food crops in China (1961-2001)

Elisabeth Simelton, Evan D.G. Fraser, Mette Termansen, Piers M. Forster, Andrew J. Dougill

Towards the development of adaptation options using climate and crop yield forecasting at seasonal to multi-decadal timescales

Andrew Challinor

Food, Culture, and Human Health in Alaska: An integrative health approach to food security

Philip A. Loring, S.C. Gerlach

Vulnerability of Exporting Nations to the Development of a Carbon Label in the United Kingdom

G. Edwards-Jones, K. Plassmann, E.H. York, B. Hounsome, D.L. Jones, L. Milà i Canals

Livestock-Related Greenhouse Gas emissions: Impacts and Options for Policy Makers: An exploration of the benefits and disbenefits of livestock production and consumption for greenhouse gas emissions and the implications for policy makers

Tara Garnett

Tradeoffs, synergies and traps among ecosystem services in the Lake Victoria Basin of East Africa

Brent M. Swallow, Joseph K. Sang, Meshack Nyabenge, Daniel K. Bundotich, Anantha K. Duraiappah, Thomas B. Yatich

Biofuels production in developing countries: Assessing tradeoffs in welfare and food security

Mandy Ewing, Siwa Msangi

Policy Responses to GEC Impacts on Food Availability and Affordability in the Caribbean Community

Adrian Trotman, Ronald M. Gordon, Sharon D. Hutchinson, Ranjit Singh, Donna McRae-Smith




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