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GECAFS Indo-Gangetic Plains Final BFP Grant Workshop /

Inaugural APN CAPaBLE Part B Grant Workshop


27th - 30th June 2006


Kathmandu, Nepal



Workshop Objectives

Indo-Gangetic Plains Final BFP Grant Workshop

  1. To complete the food system characterization documents for each of the five IGP sites.
  2. To discuss methods for assessing food system vulnerability to water-related stresses.
  3. To agree upon lessons learned for the IG Basin.
  4. To agree upon a final report format for the CPWF submission.


Inaugural APN CAPaBLE Part B Grant Workshop

  1. To introduce GECAFS approach for linking IGP and Decision Support research
  2. To review on GEC / Water / Food System issues
  3. To review options for approaching decision support needs in the five IGP sites
  4. To plan a field campaign for the project



The workshop organisers gratefully acknowledge financial assistance from the Challenge Program on Water and Food and the Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research.





(Detailed timings and breaks have been deleted for this web report version)


Tuesday 27th June


Indo-Gangetic Plains Final BFP Grant Workshop Day 1

Welcome and Introductions (Ajaya Dixit)

Reminder of CPWF BFP objectives (Polly Ericksen) (Polly's presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 are all in one large presentation.)

Presentations of case study field research from each site:


Map the matrices to GECAFS food systems diagram (Polly to introduce)


Group work and discussion


How to evaluate food system vulnerability


Wednesday 28th June


Indo-Gangetic Plains Final BFP Grant Workshop Day 2

Revisit the vulnerability issue (Team presentations)

Present work from last night:


Review of approach, discussion of generic method for other CPWF BFPs (John Ingram to lead)

Plenary discussion of basin-wide conclusions that can be drawn from the case studies (Polly to lead) 

Agree on format for CPWF report and outline.  See spreadsheet for agreed site characteristics. 

Groups work on write-ups for CPWF reports


Thursday 29 June


Inaugural APN CAPaBLE Part B Grant Workshop Day 1

Welcome to new participants (Ajaya Dixit)

GECAFS IGP Background, Links between IGP research and Decision Support & Reminder of APN objectives (John Ingram)

Presentations of main GEC aspects affecting food production, water availability and access across IGP (15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion


GEC implications for flood-prone areas (Ahsan Ahmed)

ICIMOD Presentation (M. Karki)

Communications at the Science/Policy Interface & Decision Support

  1. Presentation from Dr Johl, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Planning Board (some slides removed)
  2. Overview of approaches to improving the science-policy interface (Gabriele Bammer, Will Allen - some slides removed)
  3. Decision support: Scenarios approaches for GEC/Food Systems research (Thomas Henrichs)
  4. Decision support: Decision support tools for GEC/Food Systems research (Greg Kiker)


Plenary discussion on policy requirements and communicating scientific issues regarding impact of GEC on water resources (Ajaya Dixit to lead)




Friday 30 June

Inaugural APN CAPaBLE Part B Grant Workshop Day 2

Presentation of the APN proposal and contracted tasks (Ajaya Dixit)

Plenary discussion on vulnerability of the food system to GEC-induced changes in water (build on CPW&F work and previous APN grants) (Polly Ericksen to lead)

Group outputs.

Local example of vulnerability assessment to CC (Pakistan group)

Plenary discussion on communication needs and possibilities with district/national policy makers (Gabriele Bammer to lead)

How will we implement work on GEC & policy issues for APN project? (Will Allen to lead)

Actors to Engage.

Plenary on Research Planning (John Ingram to lead)

  1. Site visits by PIs/DS-Policy team to meet local policy makers and researchers: who; where; when?
  2. Research exercises: Food Systems follow-up; policy issues; DS research?
  3. Scenarios exercise: approach; who; timing?
  4. Mid-term workshop: who; when?
  5. Site visits by PIs/DS-Policy team to follow-up with local policy makers and researchers [determine at mid-term WS]
  6. Final Conference [determine at mid-term WS]


Review timeline, budget, and identify additional funding  requirements

Next actions


2006 Challenge Programme BFP Reports


IGP 1 - Pakistan


IGP 2 - Ludhiana, India


IGP 3 - Nepal


IGP 4 - Bihar, India


IGP 5 - Bangladesh


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