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Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) provides overall guidance. In particular it oversees the development of an active science programme; receives reports from GECAFS conceptual and regionally-based food systems projects; and prioritises the science programme’s activities. The SAC considers the big picture and needs a wide combination of skills and affiliations in order to offer robust advice on strategic direction.

The SAC comprises:


Scientific Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Participants at the Inaugural SAC Meeting in Trinidad, 24 April 2002

Outgoing and Incoming GECAFS Chair and Vice-Chair, 20th May 2006

Science Advisory Committee Members (at GECAFS closure in March 2010)


General Members (11)

Ahsan Ahmed

  • Centre for Global Change
  • Bangladesh
  • areas of expertise: GEC, food security and development, South Asia


Hans-Georg Bohle

Hallie Eakin

John Ingram - Secretary


Anne-Marie Izac - Vice Chair

Andre Kamga

Diana Liverman - Chair

Richard Mkandawire

Philip Thornton

Holm Tiessen

Winston Rudder



Partner organisation nominees and donor community representatives

CGIAR nominee
Mark Rosegrant


FAO nominee
Keith Wiebe

foundations nominee - TBD

WMO nominee - TBD


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